Returns and Exchanges

Our return policy

We do our best to make sure your order gets to you safe and sound, but sometimes accidents happen. If your order arrives damaged, we will refund your full purchase price, including shipping, or send you a replacement at no cost.

How do I request a refund or exchange?

Just email and let us know what happened, and if you would like a refund or an exchange. Please include your email and order number if you can—you'll find them on your order confirmation email. If you can't find that info, include your full name and we'll look for it.

We typically reply to refund/exchange requests within 48 hours.

Can I return something that's not damaged?

We don't offer refunds or exchanges for undamaged products. Exchanges are for the same product only. If we're out of stock, you'll be able to choose from a refund or a store credit.

How long do I have to request a refund or exchange?

All refund & exchange requests must be made within 30 days after you receive your order.

What if my order never arrives?

All of our orders are sent US Postal Mail, and include a tracking number in the confirmation email. If something looks wrong when you look at your tracking info, let us know. If it's lost in the mail, we'll send you a replacement at no cost.